- Why UAV?

Today’s military has seen an evolution in technology that is creating an entirely new capability to project power through the use of unmanned systems while reducing the risk to human life.

(Unmanned systems are better suited for “dull, dirty, or dangerous” missions rather than manned systems presupposes that man is the limiting factor in performing certain warfighting missions.

Unmanned systems are changing the conduct of military operations in the global war by providing unrelenting pursuit combined with the elimination of threats to friendly forces; including injury, capture, or death.

- UAV Classification & Positioning

Type Fixed Wing Rotor Wing Vertical takeoff and landing
Size Mini (less than 0.3m) Small (0.3~10m) Medium (10~20m) Large (more than 20m)
Endurance Short term (less than 1hour) Mid-term (1~12hours) Long term (more than 12hours)
Altitude Low (less than 3km) Mid (3~10km) High (more 10km)
Range Local (less than 50km) Short (20~200km) Medium (200~500km) Long (more than 500km)
Function Observation Sensing & Reconnaissance Surveillance & Combat Target

- System Configuration

1) Aerial Target System for ROK Army, Air-force, Marine.

2) Developed & Contracted the UAV Ground Support System ; UAV Launcher & Recovery System