- Processing equipment

Machining Center

Machining Center

CNC lathe

Milling machines

Universal milling

- Measuring, testing and other equipment

3D measuring instrument

Thrust Tester (up to 25Kgf)

Engine output measurement
(torque, horsepower, etc.)

Rotor assembly

3D Printer (300*300*400)

Air-cooling propulsion system

Frequency oscillator (100Hz~8Ghz)

Power supply (DC 0~30V, 3ch)

Argon welding machine

Division Equipment name Standard Quantity
Machine tools CNC lathe PUMA8HC & etc. 3
Universal lathe Φ580 & etc. 2
Machining Center AJ250/45 1
Milling M/C #3,#5 2
Upright drilling M/C NBTG580 1
Table drilling M/C AΦ20 3
CO₂ welding machine 350A 2
TIG welding machine 350A 3
straightening press 12Ton 2
Inspection equipment phase difference instrumenter ±1 deg 1
three coordinate measuring machine Swiss Hexagon 1
Ballansing M/C 250kg*2000L 1
Nondestructive inspection machine Magnetic Particle Machine 1
Granite Surface Plate , Micrometer etc.